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Our Original and Silver Collection racks are made from industrial water pipes that make it easy to create a raw New Yorker style. Choose from a wide selection of clothes racks, wall mounted rails, shelves and hangers in black or silver. See for yourself how you can create a modern and still completely personalized design with a few elements in iron and adhere to the simplistic principles of Scandinavian interior design.

Or explore the minimalistic Frame Collection that combines an industrial style with modern marble. The series consists of clothes racks in a cubic design with a robust marble base as a foundation. At the same time, this makes the clothes racks stable and ideal for any fashionista.

With our Nordic and Friendship Collection you can get a clothes rack like no other. In addition to the elements in black or galvanized silver iron, these wooden clothes rails come with oak frames of the highest quality. This gives the clothes racks a light and Nordic, but still super urban and industrial look.

Finally, with the Elements Collection you can put together a unique and personalized wardrobe system using raw iron rails, which are easily mounted on the wall. Just add rails, shelves and hooks according to the needs of your wardrobe. With this collection you can create an open wardrobe and perfect walk-in closet. Yet, you keep the characteristic industrial style with raw and rustic water pipes, which form the basis of RackBuddy's versatile and individualized clothes racks for storing your clothes.


At RackBuddy, our goal is to make it easy for you to create a unique and personal home. An interior style that reflects you and which is also functional in everyday life. Through DIY and customized wardrobe solutions, we will personalize the way you store your clothes and showcase your wardrobe. 

Whether you are the type for a raw industrial look or prefer a stylish bright style, we definitely have a clothes rack and a wardrobe solution that suits you. Discover our many collections, which all have in common that they consist entirely or partly of industrial elements such as water pipes in iron for a rustic and urban look. Choose from free standing clothes racks, wall mounted clothes rails or ceiling suspended rails - with our DIY solutions you always get a wardrobe that fits exactly to your style.